There are so many names that deserve to be mentioned in the NBA MVP race this year. The Indiana Pacers have the best record in the Eastern Conference thanks to Paul George’s all around game. He is still young and some say he has yet to reach his full potential. The Miami Heat went 9-1 in February thanks to the amazing play of LeBron James as he averaged 30 pts, 8 rebounds and 7 assists while shooting better than 57% from the field. When all the NBA MVP chatter went to Kevin Durant, LeBron knew he had to respond and it was the best time for him to raise his game since the Heat were on the road for almost the entire month of February. They also faced playoff caliber opponents and came away with a bunch of impressive victories. In early March, James looks to lead the Heat to road games in Houston, San Antonio and Chicago. They are a confident team though even if LeBron is currently sporting a mask.
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Joakim Noah still gets mention on the 10 players being considered in the NBA MVP race because of what he has done in the absence of Derrick Rose. It is amazing how the Bulls are still in the top 5 in the Eastern Conference even without their All Star point guard. Stephen Curry also gets a mention as the Warriors are on a roll right now even though they have been picking apart mostly weak opponents. It is pretty unlikely Kyrie Irving would get any mention in the MVP race despite his fantastic performance in the All Star game where he took home the MVP trophy. His team the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently out of the playoffs though but they are only 5 games out with still 20 games remaining so there is still time to catch up in the weak Eastern Conference.